BWC welcomes ladies from Burlingame and surrounding towns. In addition to Burlingame, we have members who live in Hillsborough, San Mateo, Millbrae, Foster City, and San Francisco. BWC membership is for women who are seeking opportunities to contribute to the community without major commitments to organizing and fundraising. We do both, but in a “light” way as our efforts also go to maintaining our Clubhouse, which is a historic building.



What does BWC do?

We are a nonprofit organization that engages in community service and light philanthropy wrapped up with a social component.

What is light philanthropy?

It means that we will not be doing major fundraising. We will do targeted programs with the fundraising goals set by the committee chairs, but they will be small relative to many other organizations. Since we are a 501(c)(4), donations are not tax-deductible, which inherently limits our ability to fundraise.  

What kinds of community service projects and social events will BWC do?

The leadership team will work with members to develop and schedule programs throughout the year. Join us and help us decide what we will do.

How much are dues?

BWC dues are $250/year. Invoices will be sent out electronically in early July.

What other financial obligations are there?

Many events are free to members. Some special events and fundraisers may have a fee to attend.

Our LeAdership team will be happy to answer your questions. Just send us and email and we will reach out to you.

  • Emily Matthews, President
  • Christina Habelt, 1st Vice President (Programs & Events)
  • Betsy Murray, 2nd Vice President (Membership)
  • Andrea Gailunas Recording Secretary (Administration)
  • Jennifer Johnson, Corresponding Secretary (Communications)
  • Jean Baker & Lisa Hosman, Co-Treasurers
  • Leslie Ragsdale, Parliamentarian
  • Lorin Flynn, House Manager
If you are interested in becoming a member or want more information about BWC, please send us an email.